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Pete DiSalvo

Co-founder & CEO
Pete DiSalvo is a born entrepreneur. From an early age, he would gather recycling from his
neighborhood to exchange for cash. A fourth-generation engineer, he was fortunate enough to
grow up in a home with both a computer and internet in the ’90s, obsessing over learning how
to use them. From there, a degree in Computer Engineering and a career at the leading edge of
technology just came naturally.

Pete has never been satisfied with the status quo and has always looked for creative angles to
solve problems in new and interesting ways. He has a passion for using software to help make
people’s lives easier and safer, eliminating the communication gap between businesses and
communities and leading teams to make it all reality.

Pete is a world-class problem solver. His work has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, The
New York Times, and VentureBeat. He has flair for listening, for understanding what people are
trying to achieve and for driving success at the highest levels. This includes assisting two of the
nation’s largest Department of Defense contractors to develop state-of-the-art technology to
fly large-scale drones autonomously. He also built the world’s premier smartphone app for
translating Chinese, Japanese and Korean to English in real-time using the phone’s camera with
augmented reality.

In his personal life, Pete enjoys surfing, weightlifting, sailing, motorcycles and skydiving. He lives
in San Diego and has traveled to over 40 countries.
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